Paintings – I am not a trained painter but I do like to experiment. Years ago I began playing around with the idea of masking and layering acrylic paints. It was a concept I used when glazing my ceramics. I liked the results and sold some pieces so I pushed the idea a little more. I started trying to do this idea on photographs. I partnered with photographer Diane Dammeyer, who had just returned from a trip to Africa. For two years I worked on this concept with Diane’s support until I finally had enough pieces to show the world. Diane and I had a show and the Africa pieces you see on this site are the result of that show and two year experience. The other paintings on photos are the same technique just different subject matter


I began working with clay when I was 17. I took a ceramics course in college and it clicked. I grew up in an artistic family but never found my art expression until then. Once you love clay, it never leaves your life. No matter how much I experiment with other mediums, I am always working with clay. It brings me joy. I still love the feeling of opening the kiln and seeing the results of the previous nights firing. I have had this experience hundreds of times and I still can’t wait to open the kiln in the morning. I put a lot of love and fun into my pieces and I am always drawn to bright glazes. I find the texture, shapes and colors in ceramics exciting, beautiful and endless. It will always be my first love

Mixed Media

I like to experiment and try new medians. If I have an idea, I will work to make it happen. Many of these pieces are made from paper clay and recycled materials. It is fun for me to use products intended for one purpose in a different way to accomplish my vision


Here are some installations I have created in the last few years. It is amazing to take a piece of art from paper to reality. The larger the installation, the more challenging and fulfilling.